#1726 F27 System Wide Change: Fedora 27 Boost 1.64 upgrade
Closed 3 years ago Opened 3 years ago by jkurik.

I would like to ask FESCo to review this Change proposal:

This change brings Boost 1.64.0 to Fedora 27. This will mean F27 ships with a recent upstream Boost release.

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3 years ago

The contingency plan on the change proposal page is copied unchanged from the F26 change:

Contingency Plan

Contingency mechanism: Worst case scenario is to abandon the update and simply ship F26 with Boost 1.60, which is already in rawhide. If 1.63 (or 1.64) causes too many problems for clients being rebuilt then it might be possible to use 1.62 or 1.61 instead, which would still be an improvement over F24 and F25.

Contingency deadline: We will know whether the change can be made once the rebuilds in the side tag are done, which is likely to be some time in January 2017.

Blocks release? No
Blocks product? None

Please update it for F27.

+1 once that's fixed.

I took the liberty and corrected the copy&paste typo in the Release Notes section, but please verify.

  • AGREED: APPROVE F27 System Wide Change: Fedora 27 Boost 1.64 upgrade
    (+1:5, +0:0, -1:0) (maxamillion, 17:04:00)

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3 years ago

So is this now approved? Will https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/F27Boost164 be updated, or can I request the side tag via https://pagure.io/releng/issue/6851 without waiting for the wiki update?

I don't have much time to do the rebuilds, since a mass rebuild is scheduled very soon.

@jwakely The wiki page is now updated. I am sorry for the delay in updating the status, it was caused by my long PTO.

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