#1714 Fedora 26 spins process was missed
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AIUI, FESCo is supposed to review the status of all Fedora spins for each release, and produce a release-specific spins page, like these for previous releases:

etc. etc. However, the corresponding page for Fedora 26 simply does not exist, so it seems like this process was perhaps missed this cycle. If so, is there anything we can do about this going forward? Thanks. If I'm wrong about this process, I'm sorry.

As far as I know, this is not a task for FESCo. The referred pages were typically created/maintained/reviewed by Spin SIG. I not 100% sure about the process as well, as such I am adding the people who were maintaining these pages in the past, so they can comment: @jibecfed , @satellit , @bruno , @luya , @rmattes , @amitksaha .

I often created the new page from the page used for the previous release. I am not sure how much release engineering was actually using the page. I have had a lot less time for Fedora for a while now and didn't create a new one for f26. (I hope to start putting in significant time again in two to three months.)

Indeed, it seems this is the job of the Spin SIG and the Spin Wrangler, now I find the relevant process doc:


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For the record, @bruno , this process is important - apart from anything else, we block on release-blocking spins being over-size, and the canonical definition of the target size for a spin is the one on the Spins page.

The spins sig and spin wrangler are defunct and no longer anything. As far as I recall, was decided to move all that over to FESCo barring some kind of new process. so, IMHO it's FESCo or up to FESCo to make a new process.

bump Do we want to do something here? I'm not putting it on the meeting agenda this week, but if there's something for FESCo to decide, please comment in the ticket.

well, it would be useful to at least have a https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/27/Spins page that isn't a lie, however we can make that happen.

If I am not wrong then FESCo tracks all kinds of Fedora releases information in a page like https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/26/ReleaseBlocking

The spins page is more specific to spins, and includes more information (notably the target image size). It also happens to predate the ReleaseBlocking page, but I don't think they're really redundant.

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ACTION: dgilmore to write up proposal with schedule items fesco and spins owners needs to do each release. (nirik, 18:12:49)

ACTION: maxamillion to make f26/27 spins pages. (nirik, 18:14:28)

Leaving open to track those actions.

Removing meeting keyword until dgilmore's proposal is posted. Please add it back when the proposal is available.

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@dgilmore Are you still planning to post a proposal for this?

@ausil Are you still going to write up a spins schedule?

@maxamillion were you still going to make f26/f27 pages? and now perhaps f28?

@ausil @maxamillion Should we close this ticket, or do you still plan to respond to the above?

None of:

exists, so as far as I'm concerned, I have no indication that we as a project have reviewed what spins we intend to produce or what size they are intended to be since Fedora 25.

On a related note, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/28/ReleaseBlocking does not yet exist either.

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I have created the f28 page and mailed devel-announce and spins about it.

@jkurik can you create the f28 releaseblocking page and ping various teams if there's any changes in it from f27?

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2 years ago

@churchyard yes, definitely. Can you add it there?

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