#1708 F27 System Wide Change: Arbitrary Branching
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Change proposal for a next Fedora meeting to discuss:

Tooling changes to support the new way of branching for Fedora 27

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FYI, in talking with @pingou, we're now aiming to have pagure on top of dist-git in mid-June (which is a pre-requisite for this work).

We would be decommissioning pkgdb2 at the end of June.

If this comes up for a vote in today's FESCo meeting, and I'm unable to attend the meeting (which seems likely at this point), please consider me voting +1 to approve this change.

We discussed this in the last FESCo meeting and it was agreed that we would take it up again this Friday. The Factory 2 team was asked to provide a more detailed timeline, including actions to be taken to educate the community about our intentions.

I have added a "timeline" section to the Change's wiki page, linked here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/ArbitraryBranching#Timeline

  • AGREED: F27 System Wide Change: Arbitrary Branching is approved but
    needs to be managed very carefully with the disabling of pkgdb is
    approved (+5.75 ,0,-0) (jforbes, 16:33:37)

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