#146 revoke rjones' sponsor and provenpackager status
Closed None Opened 13 years ago by skvidal.

In light of a clear demonstration of a genre of 'common sense' that is inconsistent with the goals of fedora and contrary to the expected common sense of a provenpackager I am requesting that fesco evaluate rjones' provenpackager membership.

More info available here:

Thank you

cc'ing rjones on this. Please show up at the meeting on Friday if you can.

Actually in order to do this we'd need to revoke sponsor status as well. Adding that to the ticket to reflect that.

rjones is doing an excelent work for fedora, there are no need to be rude and do this

storm in cup of water

FESCo declined to revoke sponsor/provenpackager access from rjones, believing that the transgression in question did not rise to the level required for revocation of access.

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