#1453 F24 System Wide Change: Glibc locale subpackaging
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by jkurik.

For the 2015-Jul-01 meeting as the Change Proposal was announced on devel-announce list on 2015-Jun-22.

This change should make it possible to install or uninstall locales individually.
[https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Glibc_locale_subpackaging The change proposal]
[https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel-announce/2015-June/001621.html The announcement on devel-announce]

  • AGREED: F23 System Wide Change: Glibc locale subpackaging is
    approved. Please be careful with upgrade path. (+6, 0, -0) (thozza,

Reopening this ticket for the 2016-01-08 FESCo meeting as the Change was not implemented in F23 as originally planned.

I'm voting +0 on this proposal, as the proposal seems clunky and I haven't seen any further discussion regarding collaboration with the Anaconda or Release Engineering teams. That being said, I am in favor of seeing this move forward -- if the details can be worked out between the various teams involved.

  • AGREED: Glibc locale subpackaging accepted (7,0,1) (dgilmore,

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