#144 PPC as a secondary arch for Fedora 12
Closed None Opened 13 years ago by katzj.

As of the Board meeting from this week, the Board is no longer requiring that PPC be a primary arch until another arch proves the secondary arch concept.

Therefore, I would like to propose making PPC a secondary architecture in Fedora 12. This has its positives and its negatives, but I think it is a more accurate descriptor for PPC based on the current usage statistics.

Positive benefits:
* Likely less build time for packages, rawhide, etc so that hopefully development can move a little faster
* Less last-minute scrambles to fix the PPC-specific distribution issue (whether it be installing on some platform or fitting on the DVD)
* More people caring about the secondary architecture process and thus hopefully helping it accelerate.

Possible downsides:
* It's possible we could not have everything in place for a Fedora 12 PPC release. While I freely admit that this is a concern, I think that this is a concern no matter when we move PPC to be a secondary arch and I actually see the argument here getting ''stronger'' over time as the number of PPC users decrease as old Macs die.
* We may lose some portability testing in builds. Also, true. Hopefully the build infrastructure for secondary arches is far enough along that those can be reported still.

I had delayed today's agenda in anticipation of this issue. Since the board minutes hadn't come out yet, I scrapped it for this week. But next week we'll certainly cover it.

FESCo declined to make PPC a secondary arch for F12, however it will be for F13.

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