#142 Make x86_64 more visible or even the default choice
Closed None Opened 13 years ago by drago01.

Currently the website focuses on the x86 version of fedora and the
x86_64 version is hidden so unless the user knows that he is searching
for it, he will just download the x86 version.
We should promote the x86_64 as the default choice with a visible link
"For older PCs and Netbooks click here" (More information)".

In F11 effort was made to change the default x86 arch from i386 to
i586 to gain extra performance, but benchmarks that I have done back
than have clearly showed that you gain much more from moving moving to
Not only that you have access to more registers MMX, SSE and SSE2 can
be used unconditionally.

Besides this x86_64 allows the use of more memory and memory prices
are dropping significantly lately. (Desktops running 12GB of RAM is
nothing impossible or overly expensive now).

See thread on the website list: http://www.mail-archive.com/fedora-websites-list@redhat.com/msg01395.html

Would probably be a good idea to have e.g. Mairin Duffy and Ricky Zhou around for this meeting, since IIRC they headed up the redesign of the site. Usability considerations should figure into any follow-on changes. Furthermore, we need to be very careful we're not shooting ourselves in the foot by having some significant number of naive users downloading something that won't boot (i.e. x86_64 on a i686), and taking that to mean that Fedora doesn't work.

Sorry about that, I saw this but somehow didn't set the keyword and was in somewhat of a hurry to get the agenda out last week (I ordinarily go through all the open tickets and see if there are any I'd missed/need addressed).

Definitely on for next week. though :) I also have some concerns, I'll post those on f-devel.

FESCo deferred the decision on implementation to the websites team.

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