#1374 F22 Self Contained Changes
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Self Contained Changes for 2014-12-17 meeting.

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) version 9.10 is the latest stable major update of the widely used DNS server. Besides new features, some settings defaults have changed since the previous major version (9.9).

The Preugrade Assistant is a tool to help people upgrade from one release to another and be sure to track important manual configuration changes they performed.

Both changes are approved, but bind is made system-wide.

BIND change is now system wide.

Self Contained Changes for 2015-01-14 meeting.

Lohit2 project aims to make open type tables of Indian fonts effective and efficient following various standard around font technology including Unicode, Open type specification, Adobe font naming guidelines. During Fedora 22 Lohit upstream planning to release Lohit Odia and Lohit Telugu with completely rewritten open type tables.

A new console font, eurlatgr, was recently added to kbd and it should be better default console font for European based languages written in Latin or Greek script. eurlatgr is based on latarcyrheb-sun16 so the typeface does not change.

Both changes are approved.

AGREED: Lohit2 Odia Telugu self-contained change passes +7/-0[[BR]]
AGREED: New Default Console Font self-contained change passes +7/-0

Self Contained Changes for 2015-01-21 meeting.

Redesign the way in which notifications are shown and kept available in gnome-shell.

Tie up some of the loose ends that were leftover after the nautilus design refresh work that has happened a while ago.

Enhancing mesa and wine with Direct3D9 support will increase performance and reduce resource usage in applications which using D3D9 framework.

In https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/devel/2015-January/206509.html , Michael Cronenworth (a wine committer, AFAICS unlike the Change owner) says “I don't see this one happening.”

Assuming FESCo does not want to explicitly decide about this patchset’s inclusion: I don’t think this is automatically a reason to reject the Change if the FESCo approval is not considered to override the maintainers; if the Change owner persuades the package owners, great; if not, the Change won’t happen.

I am +0 to the Wine Change. +1 to both the Gnome Shell notifications and Nautilus improvements.

AGREED: all changes this week accepted, with the caveat that the wine maintainer is not required to take the patch for the change (7+, 0-) on ticket tmaz was 0 to wine and +1 to others

Self Contained Changes for 2015-01-28 meeting.

With Fedora 21, the rolekit project now provides a public D-BUS interface for creating a Domain Controller based on the FreeIPA project. This Change will track adding this capability to the Cockpit management console of Fedora Server.

A dnf plugin that allows langpacks to be installed/removed for the given languages using its commands.

This change aims at making latest version of Gradle available in Fedora and making it possible to easily build Fedora packages using Gradle.

Inclusion of Ipsilon in the Fedora repositories.

testCloud is a small tool to download and boot cloud images locally.

New input method for Marathi language users.

qtile is a tiling window manager written in python.

Tunir is a self contained CI Continuous Integration which will be used to test Fedora Cloud images nightly. This tool can be used separately by any developer in their Fedora 21 system to run/test their local tests/jobs.

Provide Vagrant http://www.vagrantup.com/ with the libvirt provider as a default.

I wont be able to attend today's meeting due to traveling to FOSDEM, so voting here.

+1 from me for all the new self-contained changes

All approved (+9,0,0)

Self Contained Changes for 2015-03-04 meeting.

Package the LXQt desktop Environment for Fedora

Adding also Xfce 4.12. It was announced today but as Self Contained Change, planned for Alpha, I think it's ok to discuss it the same day.

Update Xfce to the new 4.12 release with a number of bugfixes and improvements.

Both lxqt and xfce 4.12 changes accepted at todays fesco meeting.

Self Contained Change for 2015-03-25 meeting.

The Software tool and PackageKit now support disabled repositories to help users locate software in additional repositories which are not meant to be enabled by default.

FESCo approved Disabled Repositories Support Change in today's meeting.

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