#1331 The package pipelight violates Fedora guidelines regarding downloading of 3rd party software
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As the board and fesco decided gnome-software should not be allowed to offer users to install 3rd party software that is not included in Fedora, I assume this decision applies to ALL packages in Fedora and not only gnome-software specifically.

The package "pipelight" violates this guidelines. "pipelight" advertises itself as a wraper that allows running Windows-specific NPAPI plugins inside Wine to allow users use services such as Netflix or Amazon Instant.

The package contains a script which downloads, verifies and installs silverlight, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player and various other plugins. According to guidelines and policies, this is not allowed in Fedora.

Furthermore, the description of the package contains trademarked words that are forbidden or problematic for use inside package descriptions.

This issue caught my eye when I saw this koji build http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=553343 with the changelog line "update Flash to and AdobeReader to 11.0.08"

As this package would be much less easy to use, I recommend removing it from the distribution completely, and the maintainer could re-use the spec file to package it in a 3rd party repository which is less restrictive.

Legal person here: This never should have gone into Fedora, and needs to be removed asap.

ive removed the lookaside cache, git repo, and deleted all the builds from koji. we will get the package removed from pkgdb as well

So I guess there is no need to discuss this on FESCo meeting, right?

The package has also been removed from pkgdb. The only thing to maybe discuss is better ways to make sure packages like it do not get in, in the future.

Further background of this:

Package review: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1117403

Signed off by @redhat employee.

besser82 also used his provenpackager powers to push updates to Wine for pipelight that introduced bugs:
Pushed an unstable EPEL7 build. With 32-bit support dropped the build could not be installed (package dependencies) and had no "wine" binary.
Introduced large patchset that the primary maintainer agreed should only be introduced into Rawhide but he pushed F19+ builds with it in order to push pipelight to F19+.
* Patchset introduced new system font for Arial, which caused end-user font display issues.

He made no attempts at fixing these issues and I had to clean up the mess.

sgallagh will talk to both (former) maintainer and reviewer.

sgallagh: Have you had a chance to talk to folks here? Shall we close this and leave that to you? Or is there anything further to do here?

Nothing further to be done here. All the involved parties have been talked to and I'm comfortable in assuming that this will not repeat itself.

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