#13 FESCo needs to determine whether ovm is acceptable content
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Basically, FESCo needs to determine whether ovm is acceptable content. This is an interesting case because it will set precedent for future content in Fedora. Right now, the rules for content are:

  • MUST: "enhance the OS user experience"
  • MUST: "have an open source compatible license"
  • MUST: not be "legally questionable"

The point of contention here is that the ovm content does not work with any FOSS application, only proprietary ones.

Please decide whether this is content or not, and let me know. Thanks.

Forgot to say, this is FESCo's responsibility and not mine because of:


"All content is subject to review by FESCo, who has the final say on whether or not it can be included."

I assume it is not legally objectionable, though?

Never mind my comment, I should read everything before asking :) Adding to agenda for next meeting.

Adding original requester to this ticket and cross-posting comment from bug.

I just want to remind FESCo, that ovm is used in high end commercial simulators
and its apache 2.0 license and its inclusion in fedora will help in the
creation of tools around ovm by the community. Other opensource upstream
projects can update their simulators accordingly. Someone has to make the first

Currently there are some tools (in alpha version) which are available online,
however too early for normal usage.

If ovm is approved by fedora, I'll also bring in vvm which is in the exact
situation as ovm.

This is acceptable as long as iverilog (or other similar toolsets) gets in at the same time. We realize that these tools might not be useful in their current state.

determined at 1/29 meeting, never closed.

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