#1272 reschedule meeting for DST shift?
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by mattdm.

= phenomenon =

The meeting generally goes for more than an hour, which makes it hard for Dennis because he picks up his kid from school.

= reason =

We talk too much?

= recommendation =

One of:

a) reschedule meeting for one hour earlier
b) reschedule meeting for some other time
c) keep meeting at this time, but make one hour a hard stop, with more strict timekeeping (possibly scheduling an extra hour either before or after regular meeting time for topics which we know need extra, lengthy discussion)
d) ???
e) profit!

Since I won't be here for the meeting:

(a) and (c) work for me. (c) without stricter timekeeping also works for me although I'd like to find something that works for dgilmore.

  • AGREED: The FESCo meeting is moved one hour earlier (+5, -0, 0:3) (t8m, 18:50:30)

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