#1255 girara+zathura: update policy exception request
Closed None Opened 9 years ago by fcami.

Package Name: girara and zathura

FAS Name of maintainer: fcami, psabata and (sometimes) kevin

Zathura (http://pwmt.org/projects/zathura/) is a document viewer, with plugins for PDF, PostScript, DjVu, etc. Zathura depends on a library, girara (http://pwmt.org/projects/girara/), which is a front-end for gtk2/3. Girara doesn't seem to be used outside of pwmt.org-hosted projects.

Zathura users tend to want the latest version - I often get bugs asking for an update.

But to keep zathura and plugins up to date, girara must be upgraded as well more often than not, and upgrading girara sometimes means breaking ABI, which is against the policy:

I think both girara and zathura should be granted a policy exception because:
the printing bugs fixed in the latest zathura are problematic for our users:
we cannot update any stable branch without breaking ABI, girara having moved to gtk2/gtk3 to gtk3-only. This means keeping an older zathura in Fedora for about a year from now.
there is no software that I know of using girara except zathura.
Petr and I both maintain the whole girara/zathura/zathura-plugins stack and so we can easily upgrade all the packages in a single erratum.

exception granted (+6,0,0)

Wiki page updated as well (feel free to tweak it)

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