#1249 F21 System Wide Change: Lohit Odia Gurmukhi font naming - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Lohit_Odia_Gurmukhi
Closed None Opened 7 years ago by jreznik.

For the 2014-03-12 meeting as the Change Proposal was announced on devel-announce list on 2014-03-03 as Self Contained, adjusted to System Wide (small changes, without re-announcement).

This is a change to make Lohit Oriya fonts name as per the guidelines by Odisha governement and improve Lohit Punjabi font name to avoid confusion between Arabic and Gurmukhi script fonts. It will change Lohit Oriya fonts to Lohit Odia and Lohit Punjabi to Lohit Gurmukhi.

AGREED: Lohit Odia Gurmukhi font naming system-wide change is accepted (+8,0,0)

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