#1241 Cloud WG list of changes
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See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Cloud_Changelist

We have organized this list into external dependencies, which represent changes primarily in areas other than the Cloud SIG, and Changes, which we will file using the normal Fedora process. We believe all of the change proposals are self-contained. The external dependencies may also be filed as system-wide changes. Each of these will have at least one Cloud SIG member as a contributor to the effort.

From the 2014-03-05 FESCo meeting:

  • Please discuss changes here on list for now; will be discussed more in the FESCo meeting when they go through the change process. (notting, 19:11:51)
  • People are specifically encouraged to read the 'External Changes' section and discuss those with the Cloud SIG (notting, 19:12:11)

Removing meeting keyword.

The Cloud Changes are going through the ordinary process, do we need this ticket open?

Seems like this ticket isn't needed anymore...

reopen if there's some specific need.

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