#1240 taking ownership of packages fityk and sundials
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= phenomenon =
With the package wxgtk3 approved, I was looking to update the package fityk to the latest release version. While I requested for and obtained co-maintainership of the package (from another co-maintainer), I noticed that the owner of the package, John Pye (jpye) was no longer active in Fedora (using the fedora-active-user script). I would like to take ownership of the two packages owned by John.

= reason =
I am not following the procedure outlined in "Policy for nonresponsive package maintainers" because when I emailed John Pye, he replied to me asking me to take ownership of the package by utilizing the appropriate Fedora channels.

I do understand that this is not public correspondence, I am hoping the text below would add support to my request.

Hi Mukundan

I would be happy for you to take over the maintenance of the fityk and sundials packages. For what it's worth, Fityk is not being updated for free past version 0.9.8 (see http://fityk.nieto.pl/), but sundials is still active and FOSS as far as I know.

I don't think I have an active fedora account any more, so if you are able to use this email as confirmation, that would be fine with me.


On 01/03/14 05:43, Mukundan Ragavan wrote:

Hello John,


I am writing to check with you about your packages in Fedora. I am wondering if you are still interested to maintain fityk (and possibly sundials).

I am interested in maintaining those packages and I have applied for access (for fityk) for the same in the system. If you are not planning on maintaining these packages, I can take them over from you if you orphan them).

My apologies for emailing you directly.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Please advise me on how to proceed with this request. Thank you!

Just to clarify -

The sources for fityk are still available for free (GPLv2+). It is only the binary that needs to be paid for.

Also, what I mean by "I do understand that this is not public correspondence" is it's not in mailing list, etc. It was private correspondence.

I checked the license on the fityk sources. nonamedotc is correct, they are still permitted to be distributed in source and rebuilt form.

Given that he is still responsive, perhaps we could just have him reset his FAS password and orphan things directly? If that's not an option, I'm okay with just doing this on his behalf.

Thanks for your reply Stephen. John has ownership of only two packages (fityk and sundials). So, FESCO can orphan it directly, if it is easier (and allowed)?

Thank you!

Thanks for the discussing this during the meeting! :)

From the 2014-03-05 FESCo meeting:
AGREED: nirk will request a direct ack from nonresponsive maintainer via e-mail, and then proceed with reassigning (+:9, -:0, 0:0) (notting, 19:06:01)

AGREED: Packages will be reassigned (+6,0,0)

Packages are re-assigned.

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