#1238 Should Bodhi reset karma to 0 when builds are changed?
Closed None Opened 10 years ago by bochecha.

= phenomenon =

When a packager edits an update and changes builds, the karma previously given to this update might not really reflect the current builds any more.

It has been suggested to reset the karma for this update to 0 in such a case:


I have a patch ready that does just that (I've been running with it applied on our downstream Bodhi instance for about a year, I didn't think it was something Fedora wanted)

Before just committing it in Bodhi upstream, we were wondering if that was something Fesco needed to decide on, as that's a (minor) change in updates policy/handling.

= implementation recommendation =

The patch I have resets the total karma to 0 when a build is added/removed in an existing update, while preserving the history of comments/karma.

It seemed important to me to keep that history, so we can see for example that someone changed their -1 into a +1 after the update was edited, etc...

I won't be able to attend the FESCo meeting today, but I give +1 to this proposal.

AGREED: FESCo agrees that karma should be reset when packages are edited in an update (+8,-1,0) (nirik, 19:07:47)

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