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As time progresses and we're closer to final presentation of results of multiple products vision (mpv), I still see lack of communication and coordination not only between WGs but also other teams (with a few exceptions). We feel it as Base WG, I talked to several people from other WGs/teams and they feel the same disconnection. Especially for Base it's crucial to be agreed on the platform. Same question came from a few people from other teams, who are not able to follow current development. As it's hard to watch all meetings, all places where mpv happens.

As there are FESCO liasons in all groups, I'd like to ask WGs for regular weekly status updates, best collected in FESCO space. Maybe I just missed it or wasn't looking in the right places, but if so, we have to make sure it happens.

Let's encourage members of WGs to visit formally other WGs meetings (especially for Base WG).

Other idea was to have some kind of broader meeting, where WGs/other teams could talk together, share current progress and try to sync in the current development. I tried to check with a few folks and I got positive reactions, even I'm not sure about the right format. More meetings...

More ideas how to make sure we're on the same boat would be great ;-), disconnection could cost at a lot resource issues, especially for community projects Fedora is. And for bigger changes it's the right time at least to become prepared for it, even F21 would be still the old style Fedora.

I'd be more than happy to help here, if FESCO mandates me to do so. To use my stick to get updates from WGs, help with coordination etc.

I'm worried about this as well... along with the fact that the first part of this process seems very high level and abstract, so it's hard to see what we are producing or what tools/groups changes need to be done.

I think perhaps we should look at a vfad (virtual fad) type thing, setup a day and have groups present on what they have so far and where they see us later this year and try and work on any pain points. Just a thought.

Not that this is a complete solution, but I have events booked out at both FOSDEM and DevConf.cz in the next few weeks expressly for this purpose (to have anyone who is present from the workgroups in the same room sorting this stuff out).

I'm one of those who is part of the "oustanding" teams, and websites will have a significant redesign. Working on these changes should happen soon, and I'm really worried about having all the useful informations in time. [[br]]
Websites have to figure out every single detail of fedora.next in order to be able to design all the pages the right way, and to avoid to have to work twice because the informations were not correct.

I don't think more meetings are good, some people would know something, others nothing and some other perhaps will know everything. Meetings are too short for that. It would be much better to plan a virt-FAD as Kevin proposed, this can be also for a whole day, but we should come together and define a point zero from where we can start our comunication. We can have this virt-FAD once a month or so in order to work constantly on it.

Another idea could be to use finally fedmag for this, I remember the mktg team wanted to summarize meetings in the past, but we have them in the minutes and they went away from that. [[br]]
Why not summarize the WG meetings and write down an update of what happens around fedora.next every 2 weeks or so?

Replying to [comment:3 robyduck]:

It would be much better to plan a virt-FAD as Kevin proposed, this can be also for a whole day
Note that a "day" is a somewhat problematic concept with the international contributor base. Some contributors' "days" have zero overlap.

I think part of the solution here is that I need to step up my game in helping with inter-group communication. I've been kind of watching to see where everything goes as we come up with the initial PRDs, but it'd be good to have some cohesive high-level documentation at this stage too.

I think some face-to-face time at FOSDEM and Devconf for those of us who can make it will be good, and I also think a VFAD would be excellent.

AGREED: File a "standing" FESCo ticket for WG activity reports, to be added to the ticket by liaisons every other week, and ACKed or discussed on the meeting (+6,-0,0) (mmaslano, 19:14:50)

ACTION: mmaslano will file a ticket for next week discussion (mmaslano, 19:15:34)

LINK: https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/1221 for the record (mitr, 19:15:54)

AGREED: fesco liasons will alert on fesco meetings about important issues (+5,-0,0) (mmaslano, 19:29:30)

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