#1213 Please process commit access requests for spampd
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spampd package appears to be a bit neglected (bugs open without replies
etc.). I have submitted commit access requests through spampd (my userid is bojan). Could you please process those, so I can fix the following open bugs:


I tried using the SCM admin request in the review request bug, but got pointed to this.


Er, sorry - I have not requested commit access through spampd - through pkgdb. :-)

Replying to [comment:3 sgallagh]:

Please confirm that you are following:

Yes, that is what I'm trying to do.

I posted on fedora-devel, commented on the bugs, but getting no reply as yet. Just want to fix those bugs, because they caused my own spampd (which I fixed locally) to not work.

Additionally, I converted it to systemd and with a bit of luck that spamassassin v. spampd PID problem will also get fixed.

I also have a takeover request against the same maintainer (thias) but for the easytag package:


It might make sense to mass-orphan all of thias’ packages, as it seems that he was last active in Fedora around a year ago, and is non-responsive on Bugzilla:


AGREED: Nirik sent direct e-mail to matthias saou, we will revisit next week (+7, 0, 0)

Thias has approved acls for these two packages to add co-maintainers now.

He's going to try and ask for co-maintainers more widely for his packages on devel list soon.

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