#1208 Request Proven Packager
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I've been working on/around the 'BIG DATA SIG' for several months now, and have several updates and packages under my belt. The primary reason I'm requesting proven packager status is to coordinate updates with maintainers of the dependency tree.




tstclair has proven himself to be a knowledgeable and reliable packager. He has packaged and maintained complicated packages like condor and has stepped up to accept maintainership for packages that have been abandoned like bookkeeper. Strong +1 from me.

I did some work with Timothy around the last months and it always has been a pleasure. He is always in care of providing quality packaging work and is a very active and helping person inside the bigdata-sig.

+1 from me to his request.

I'm not able to vote on this ticket, but I'll say this for the benefit of those of you who are: Tim has dealt with a lot of packaging situations and has had a lot of experience with different build and configuration systems (notably, autotools and cmake in addition to the various JVM tools we see regularly in the Big Data SIG). He'd be a great provenpackager.

You have been added to provenpackagers. Use your powers wisely!

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