#1191 Fedora 20 schedule adjustment
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As we had to slip Fedora 20 Beta by another one week yesterday and we weren't able to try one day slip due to unavailability of QA resources, we're now very close to Christmas holidays with GA (2013-12-17). We (devel, QA, releng and FPGM) agreed to propose schedule adjustment to FESCo.

Proposal: make the Beta to Final period one week shorter with earlier Final freeze, early TCs composes, to have more comfortable buffer for the Final release.

Final Change Deadline back to 2013-11-26 with GA back to 2013-12-10. This gives us one week for potential Final issues. In case Beta would be slipped more, I'd prefer aim to January.

Btw. for current status: we don't have any other known blocker bugs for now, nor heisenbug, RC compose is in progress

info Move up the final freeze by one week passed (+1:7, 0:0, -1:1)

The dissenting vote thought that it was likely wishful thinking that we could hit the new date with a 1 week shortening of the beta period.

Other members were similarly unsure of the likelihood of hitting that date but were willing to try hitting that date since the necessary parties had agreed that they wanted to try to do it.

Looking on the current status of blocker bugs popping out a few hours before the Go/No-Go, seems unlikely we would be able to release next week. In that case, to have realistic release expectations, I'd say moving GA to the beginning of January seems like best option. I'll update the ticket with to reflect it in that case.

Well, I was too pessimistic seems like and we were able to finish release today. Approved schedule adjustment was announced together with the Go decision.

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