#119 Provenpackager Request: s4504kr

Created 9 years ago by s4504kr
Modified 9 years ago

I'm ongoing to create a couple of packages for a gnustep environment.
During the creation of this packages I have found out, that the gnustep-make
package which is needed to build this packages is not useable on a multilib
environment. Unfortunately, the maintainer of this package has not the time
to fixed the reported issues on the package. In additional he doesn't response
to co-maintainership request for this package which I have put several weeks age.

I'm maintaining 20 packages in Fedora and have done severels reviews, so I think
I should eligible to be provenpackager membership.

I have contact a fesco member for provenpackager membership, but I have the feelling
it was going forgotten.

Approved and I did this last night.,

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