#1179 Interactions of the various Products
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Before the WGs start forming themselves and defining their products, is there any minimum that FESCo expects from them, and that would therefore be useful to define in advance?

I have drafted https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora.next/ProductInteractions , which basically amounts to "we want to be able to run Cloud network services on the Server, and develop them on the Workstation" and the minimum necessary to achieve that.

Agreed(+5): We do not necessarily need to define these interactions yet.

Last week was decided to postpone this issue after plan from Working groups. Let's leave it out from meeting until than.

PRDs are in, time to put this back on the agenda. One thing to talk about is whether we want to have somethings that are necessary for all Fedora Products (SELinux on; systemd as the init system; running syslog, cron, and smtp daemons; linux kernel; etc). And if so, whether we want the Base Design WG to do that.

We didn't get a chance to discuss this at today's meeting due to lack of time. FESCo members were encouraged to add other interactions that they are aware of to this ticket.

  • AGREED: FESCo wants Fedora to continue to have a core set of features that all Products must implement. We'll defer decisions about who decides on these core features and what those features
    cover until after we get more input from Products about how they are expecting to diverge. (+7, -0, 0:0) (t8m, 18:55:12)

This has been idle for eight months. Shall we close this as worksforme at this point?

I guess; there is no benefit in keeping this open, issues can be raised as separate tickets.

(I ''am'' still hoping for “we want to be able to run Cloud network services on the Server, and develop them on the Workstation” though.)

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