#116 figure out what to do about deactivated maintainers
Closed None Opened 14 years ago by kevin.

After the recently fedora account system password reset and deactivating of accounts that did not reset their password, we have a number of maintainers that are deactivated.

We should determine what to do with their packages and accounts. We could:

  1. Orphan all the packages and remove them from the packager group.
  2. Orphan all their packages but leave maintainers in the packager group if they reactivate their accounts.
  3. Leave things as they are now, and take action later.
  4. Try and get more of them to reactivate their accounts and resume maint on their packages.
  5. Wait and see if more of the maintainers reactivate their accounts.
  6. Something else.

We also need to determine when we take any action here.

A list of packages and maintainers is at:
A number of them have co-maintainers we could promote to maintainers, but many do not.

Note that the top 5 (by number) who don't have co-maintainers account for about 152 of the packages.

FESCo decided to wait a week, mail them, wait another week, mail the ones that are still inactive again, wait a week, and then orphan the packages.

bah, this isn't closed....fail.

Down to 91 packages:


I'll be orphaning these tonight or tomorrow.

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