#1123 Request owner change for dkms
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I'm writing here following the unresponsive mantainer process [1] for the DKMS package. The timer has expired and have not received a single answer from any of the mail addresses involved.




As such I'm asking to become owner of the dkms package.

I'm adding a couple of additional points here so if the ownership change is approved the following items can be discussed already in the meeting:

== Switch from SysV script to systemd ==

The script is still using SysV init script and not a systemd service files on Fedora. This is due to the fact that has been abandoned a lot of time ago and nobody bothered to change it.

Since the SysV init script is called only once at boot and is configured to start automatically on installation and exit after first run, I would like to know if I can swap the SysV init script with a systemd service file directly also for f17 and f18.

Policies forbid to migrate from SysV to systemd but here the impact will be minimal since it is always started.

== Start DKMS service at boot ==

Currently the service starts directly at boot (on all branches) by an explicit call to "chkconfig on". I really doubt any exception has been granted for this, as the spec file is simply the all-distribution init script provided by the source tarball.

The script starts, checks if correct modules are built and then exits if there are no operations to perform. There is as well no development package that might not justify its enablement at boot and if we change it now it means users in the current releases will have a different behaviour. Thereby in my opinion it should still be enabled at boot.

So, depending on decisions on the previous SysV/systemd migration:

  • Grant exception for (still) starting it on el5 and el6
  • Grant exception for (still) starting it on f17 with the correct systemd macro
  • I will file a ticket on bugzilla to add it to systemd preset files for 18, f19 and rawhide and add the correct systemd version requirement on the "new" dkms update

Or, if the above is blocked:

  • Grant exception for (still) starting it on el5, el6, f17, f18 with the SysV script
  • I will file a ticket on bugzilla to add it to systemd preset files for f19 and rawhide and add the correct systemd version requirement on the "new" dkms update

== Service name ==

Service name is "dkms_autoinstaller"; while the actual name of the launched program is "dkms". In my opinion makes more sens to change the systemd/SysV units to "dkms".

If the above point is granted, again impact should be minimal as it is always enabled at boot and current users will still have it as the last time as they booted.

Thanks & regards,


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Policy_for_nonresponsive_package_maintainers

I can ack this as a FESCo member. We need to wait 3 days for any objections then I can reassign things.

Thanks for looking after the package.

Done. You are now the owner.

Thanks for stepping up to take care of this package.


This means I can also proceed with the other items listed in the ticket?

  • Switch from "dkms_autoinstaller" to "dkms" for all branches
  • Switch to systemd already for f17 and f18
  • Enable by default on el5, el6 through chkconfig
  • Enable by default on f17 through systemd
  • Ask for systemd preset inclusion for f18, f19 and rawhide

I've also removed "sunilgupta" (the previous owner) from the committers as it's mail address is now rejected by Dell mailservers.



I missed the additional discussion items here.

Reopening and we can discuss at the next meeting.

We discussed this at the 2013-06-19 meeting and agreed:

if no exception needed on starting by default, allow name change/systemd in f20+ only, leave others alone. (+7,0,0)


Systemd enabled only on f20+ and asked for the preset enablement:




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