#1000 F19 Feature: GCC 4.8.x - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/GCC48
Closed None Opened 10 years ago by jreznik.

For the 2013-01-23 meeting as Feature was announced on devel-announce list on 2013-01-16.


From the 2013-01-23 meeting:

AGREED: F19 Feature: GCC 4.8.x approved (+:7, -:0) (notting, 18:28:25)
AGREED: Feb 1 tentatively scheduled for start of mass rebuild. Will confirm at 2013-01-30 FESCo meeting (notting, 18:28:46)

FESCo on 2013-01-30 meeting agreed on Feb 8 mass rebuild to to allow time ruby/maven/other stuff to finish landing and hopefully reuse the mass rebuild instead of side tags.

agreed mass rebuild on 8th (+6,-0)

Mass rebuild should be communicated in advance - it's the right time - I see Dennis do it usually - I'll ask him to work on it.

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