#42 Propose a keepalive process for provenpackager
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  .  Sponsors vote in the FESCo ticket.

  .  You must get at least 3 positive votes from sponsors with no negative votes, over a one week review period, to be approved.

  .  If you haven’t been approved after one week, FESCo will vote (normal FESCo voting machanism applies).


+ == Maintaining provenpackager status


+ Around the branch day in each release cycle, the Fedora Program Manager will audit the membership of the 'provenpackager' group.

+ Members of the group who have not submitted a koji build in the last six months will be contacted via their @fedoraproject.org email address to verify that they should remain in the provenpackager group.

+ If they do not acknowledge within two weeks, they will be removed from the provenpackager group.

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