#63 How should a contributor reset an email?
Opened 2 years ago by zbyszek. Modified 2 years ago

https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fesco/Policy_for_nonresponsive_package_maintainers/#notes-for-invalid-email-addresses only talks about the issue from the POV of the project. But what should an individual do to change their e-mail to a new value? In particular, what should a RH person do after leaving the company if they want to retain their packages?

I think we may be losing some contributors by making it harder than necessary to retain access.

Ideally, before they leave they should change their email address in the account system.

Failing that, they either have to try and change the email and communicate with their old manager and ask them to ack the request (the account system sends a ack to the current email address before allowing the change), or they have to have some way (gpg key, ssh key, etc) to prove their identity and an admin can change their email.

Oddly, we used to be notified when a package maintainer left Red Hat, but I haven't gotten any of these notices in a while. ;( Will try and see if they can be resumed.

I was told by the person in question that they tried to change the email, but policy wouldn't allow it. Dunno, none of this is documented anywhere, so it's not even clear if things are working as expected.

I'm betting this was bugzilla. bugzilla doesn't allow anyone with a @redhat.com account to change their name/emailaddress/account. This is because their account may have internal only/private/other access to bugs.

So, you need to change your main email in the fedora account system, then make a NEW bugzilla account with that main email address. Automation should then handle the Fedora* component bugs (reassign them, etc).

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