#14 Broken links due to conversion from Wiki
Closed 4 years ago by bcotton. Opened 4 years ago by pbokoc.

#13 fixed a bunch of broken links reported in #12, but there are others that are still broken for a different reason. Particularly in Package maintainer responsibilities (fesco/modules/ROOT/pages/Package_maintainer_responsibilities.adoc), there are a bunch of links that clearly used to point to other pages on the Wiki back when this was a Wiki page, but these haven't been updated after the conversion to Antora and ASCIIDoc, so now they point nowhere. For example:

link:Package_maintainer[Package maintainers]
link:Fedora_Release_Life_Cycle[Fedora Release Life Cycle]

Someone needs to either convert these Wiki pages to Antora as well, publish them on docs.fp.o and xref to them, or these links need to be changed to normal URLs pointing to the Wiki.

Note that the file I singled out might not be the only one where this happens, it's just one with a bunch of these. Any link: that isn't followed by a http and isn't an e-mail address is invalid and needs to be changed.

Fixed the broken links in #25. We do need to migrate a lot more stuff out of the wiki, but that's a separate matter. May be a good idea for a hackfest at Flock?

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4 years ago

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