#12 Broken link to Previous FESCo Members
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The Previous Fedora Engineering Steering Committee Members link at https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fesco/ is broken

Hmm, is this some kind of antora regression? All internal links are now broken. I'm 90% sure that I manually checked all links when initially switching to antora and I think I couldn't have missed all of them being broken.

9ff6738 added those links with commit message "Fix some more links", so I'm pretty sure they must have worked back then.

The problem appears to be the general markup syntax you're using for headings. It's not invalid (as we can all see it renders just fine), but Antora expects each page to have a top level heading delimited by a single = character - so the first line should be

= Fedora Engineering Steering Committee

instead of

Fedora Engineering Steering Committee

Changing that fixes the xrefs.

I'd recommend doing this in all files - at least for the first heading in each file, but it's probably safer to use the same syntax for any subsequent headings as well. The number of = characters preceding a title delimits the heading level; there must only be one 1st level heading in a file, but the number of 2nd, 3rd, etc. level headings is unlimited. Doing this will ensure consistency and the current headings also make syntax highlighting in Atom stop working :).

Fixed in #13 along with a ton of other problems of varying severity.

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