#49 EPEL8: no package.cfg in new branches
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@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ 


      def create_epel_package_cfg(self, namespace, repo, branch):


-         Create package.cfg file in epel branch

+         Create package.cfg file in epel branch (currently unused but kept)

          :param namespace: the dist-git namespace of the package in question.

          :param repo: the name of the dist-git repo in question.

          :param branch: the name of the branch

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@@ -804,7 +804,7 @@ 

              namespace, repo, branch, from_branch='master')


          # Even though the branches are created using pagure api which dont

-         # require ssh, but for epel\d branches we add package.cfg file.

+         # require ssh, but the code supports adding package.cfg file.

          # This should be pushed using ssh.

          git_url = fedscm_admin.pagure.get_project_git_url(

              namespace, repo, url_type='ssh',

@@ -816,12 +816,6 @@ 

                                    'git branch can\'t be created.')


              namespace, repo, branch, from_commit=git_obj.first_commit)

-         # If epel\d branch, then create package.cfg file in that branch

-         # Remove the check for epel version > 7 when playground is enabled

-         # for epel7

-         if (bool(re.match(r'^(?:epel)\d+$', branch)) and

-                 int(''.join([i for i in branch if re.match(r'\d', i)])) > 7):

-             git_obj.create_epel_package_cfg(namespace, repo, branch)



  def ticket_requires_approval(issue_type, issue):

Currently, when a maintainer requests an epel8 branch,
they also get an epel8-playground branch,
and a package.cfg file is put in their epel8 branch.

The EPEL Steering Committee has agreed on a new vision for EPEL8 Playground,
that doesn't include automatic building of all epel8 packages.
This removes the step that adds package.cfg to the epel8 branch.

So, when a maintainer requests an epel8 branch,
they also get an epel8-playground branch,
but that's it.
No package.cfg is added to either branch.

Fixes https://pagure.io/fedora-infrastructure/issue/9322
Fixes https://pagure.io/fedscm-admin/issue/48

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