#61 Please provide manpage and help output
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fedrepo-req -h does not print help output. There's no manpage, too. For better usability of this tool, you should provide both.

I recommend enhancing the -h and --help output to contain everything you need.. and then using the help2man utility during the %build section of the spec file to automatically generate the manpage.

Exactly. You can add help parameters to click.option attrbutes of the python methods. Everything else happens magically.

Oh, it's already implemented:

[builder@builder26]~% fedrepo-req --help
Usage: fedrepo-req [OPTIONS] REPO [BRANCH]

  Request new repositories on src.fedoraproject.org.


      fedrepo-req nethack -t 12345

      fedrepo-req nethack epel7 -t 12345

      fedrepo-req nethack lts -t 12345 --sl security_fixes:2022-01-01
      --sl bug_fixes:2022-01-01

  -d, --description TEXT          The package's description.
  -m, --monitor [no-monitoring|monitoring|monitoring-with-scratch]
                                  Monitoring type for the package.
  -n, --namespace [rpms|container|modules|test-modules]
                                  The repo's namespace.
  -s, --summary TEXT              Override the package's summary from the
  -t, --ticket TEXT               The package request's ticket number.
  -u, --upstreamurl TEXT          The package's upstream URL.
  --sl TEXT                       The SLs tied to the branch. This must be in
                                  the format of "sl_name:2017-12-25"
  --help                          Show this message and exit.

Can we additionally support the short version with -h mapped to --help?

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3 years ago

This is going to land in the next version of fedrepo-req.

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3 years ago

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