#317 Make fedpkg update output a report after success
Merged 2 years ago by onosek. Opened 2 years ago by eclipseo.

file modified
+5 -1
@@ -280,7 +280,11 @@ 

                  raise ValueError(

                      'Incorrect request type {0}'.format(detail['request']))


-             bodhi.save(**detail)

+             try:

+                 self.log.info(bodhi.update_str(bodhi.save(**detail), minimal=False))

+             # Only because tests do not return a valid bodhi.save value

+             except TypeError:

+                 pass


      def create_buildroot_override(self, bodhi_config, build, duration,


Fixes #315

Signed-off-by: Robert-André Mauchin zebob.m@gmail.com

Remove munch? It is not used in this patch.

The resp variable contains munch data, It fails to pass the data to bodhi.update_str if munch is not imported. (munch is already a deps of bodhi bindings).

For the failed build I think maybe the data returned by save is not conform during the test, hence it fail in update_str. Would it be ok to use a try: except: to bypass that error?

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

Hi @eclipseo,

I haven't found what returns bodhi.save in documentation:
but let's say it returns the data. But I definitely prefer try&except approach to handle this. Making munch another dependency of fedpkg doesn't mean minor efford.

Thank you.

Try this link: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/docs/python_bindings.html#bodhi.client.bindings.BodhiClient.save

It says:
Returns: The Bodhi server’s response to the request.
Return type: munch.Munch

I don't see adding munch as an issue as it is already a dependency of the Bodhi Python bindings, which we use.

Thank you for the documentation link, it is OK.

Technically yes, I do not have to necessarily add munch to fedpkg specfile as it is indirectly installed. But I would like to have all used imports directly mentioned there. At least to know what fedpkg depends on.

I also think that try&except structure is more straightforward and it can additionally cover unexcepted exceptions and not just unequal returned type.

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2 years ago

How about now?

I now pass the bodhi.save(**detail) call directly to bodhi.update_str, so munch is not needed.

I added a try/except for the test failure.

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2 years ago

This change looks good. I will merge it.

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2 years ago