#300 Move argparse fix to rpkg
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@@ -59,14 +59,6 @@ 




-     # This is due to a difference argparse behavior to Python 2 version.

-     # In Python 3, argparse will proceed to here without reporting

-     # "too few arguments". Instead, client.args does not have attribute

-     # command.

-     if not hasattr(client.args, 'command'):

-         client.parser.print_help()

-         sys.exit(1)


      if not client.args.path:


              client.args.path = pyrpkg.utils.getcwd()

The fix is valid also for rhpkg and moving it to rpkg will prevent code

Fixes: #299

Signed-off-by: Ondrej Nosek onosek@redhat.com

rebased onto 62bd5d9

2 years ago

Looks good to me. We will need to be careful to release both fedpkg and python-rpkg at the same time, but that's just a detail.


Yeah, don't forget to update BuildRequires and Requires version of fedpkg in python-rpkg spec. :)

Thanks, I was aware of it. I originally didn't plan to add specific version requirement, because it is a really small bug and this requirement demands more accurate and flawless release planning, but when you are recommending it, I will do it.

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2 years ago