#509 Support for self-service package un-retirement.
Opened a year ago by humaton. Modified a month ago

Implement new command $ fedpkg unretire that will create a ticket for unretirement in the specified tracker.

It should check if the current branch is retired for longer than 8 weeks and ask for the Bugzilla URL with re-review.

is the user in the packager group?

If BZurls is provided does it has a fedora_review+ flag?

If any of the previous is false user should be informed of the changes they are required to do(get a review/get commit access)

Body of the unretirement ticket:

{name:<name-of-the-package>,type:<rpm/test/flatpack/module>, branches:<branches_for_unretirement>,review_bugzilla:<RHBZ>}

@amedvede wanted to implement this since he is responsible for the unretirement automation on releng side of things.

do they have to write access to the branch(committer or collaborator or owner)?

This is not required. They should gain access by unretiring the package (if all other checks have passed).

Metadata Update from @zlopez:
- Issue assigned to amedvede

a year ago

The solution is in the following PR https://pagure.io/fedpkg/pull-request/543.
All that's left is to write the tests for the new command.

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