#293 Please document the "signed-off-by" requirement
Closed: Fixed 2 years ago Opened 2 years ago by praiskup.

Even though some people can guess what it means, it is not globally
defined what meaning it has, and thus it is pretty useless here in
this project unless specifically described in "CONTRIBUTING" file
or so.

When opening a pull request, this text is displayed:

All commits must be signed-off on. Please use git commit -s to do that. This serves as a confirmation that you have the right to submit your changes. See Developer Certificate of Origin for details.

Is that sufficient? We can put into CONTRIBUTING file as well.

That description seems to be enough (to me at least).

We can put into CONTRIBUTING file as well.

It should be somewhere in the code; if something is stored/viewed only in the git web-UI is "temporary" thing (webUI can change, disappear, or project can be moved).

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a year ago

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