#99 Installer proposed change: Simply reclaim disk space in Anaconda
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Fedora 31 Self-Contained Change proposal: Simply reclaim disk space in Anaconda

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The gist is that the Reclaim Disk Space dialog will be dropped in favor of a list of four choices which will dictate the handling of the chosen target device. The biggest loss is the relatively simple resize volume interface (as shown in screenshot - this replicates the layout of an actual Windows 10 system but Windows isn't installed so reclaimable space values are inflated).

Reclaim Disk Space dialog

Users who want to resize a volume will instead by directed to use the Custom partitioning interface which has rather non-obvious volume shrink capability (click the volume you want to resize and change the Desired Capacity field).

Installer shrink support only applies to ext[234] and NTFS. None of the macOS file systems are supported.

The proposal doesn't include a mockup of the replacement dialog, nor does it discuss the Installation Options dialog immediately preceding the Reclaim Disk Space dialog.

I think this change may need more evaluation by this working group, the design team, and QA team, than is available. Feature's contingency deadline is beta freeze, Aug 29.

So we discussed this extensively at today's meeting but didn't reach any conclusion. At the risk of misstating anyone's opinions, I think the general consensus was that we are skeptical of the proposed change, especially to the extent that users will need to use the complex custom partitioning view instead of the simple automatic partitioning path. My personal opinion is that the current user experience for automatic partitioning is pretty good. But, looking through the meeting log, I see we did not have any actual proposal here. So let's keep this tagged for next week's meeting.

I understand @duffy is the primary Anaconda designer, so her input would be especially valuable.

I'm not involved in the redesign here. Would have been happy to help but I'm not really available before I go on medical leave in a few weeks.

Anaconda developers have retracted this proposal, so closing.

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