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Could we please have a new pagure repository for the sources related to the new docs site that's being launched soon? This will contain the sources for whatever workstation related pages there are on the new docs.fp.o site.

Initially, this is related to the 3rd party repository page that needs to be moved to the docs site. Ticket: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/docs-fp-o/issue/76

The existing repo you have can be used for the docs if you'd prefer.

So you want the Workstation WG to maintain its own separate repository for documentation on the new docs website? And the only initial content would be the third-party repositories policy? That doesn't sound very encouraging.

Why would this be better handled by us than by the people working on the docs website?

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@catanzaro my understanding is that this is for policy documentation set and written by this working group, not user documentation which is open to all to contribute too but which lives in a different repository.

We have this page on docs.fp.o for technical teams:

And this one for Modularity, as an example:

I think using another subsite like that would induce less cognitive load, esp. on less familiar contributors.

Also @pbokoc @asamalik @ryanlerch -- let me know if that idea is way out of whack with your docs strategy.

If for the working group to document processes, policies, and similar topics, I would do what @pfrields suggested. That would fit nicely.

In the WG meeting today, @otaylor sugges-ted we could have a 'fedora-docs/workstation' or 'fedora-workstation/docs' say.

I can't find any specific action for me here, but let me at least say I'm happy to help.

You can use any pagure repository you like, the documentation can be in the root of the repository, or in a subdirectory in case there is other content also.

There is a template with the structure: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/template

Please let me know how can I help.

Agreed: use https://pagure.io/fedora-workstation repo to store Workstation WG docs and have them included in overall docs.fp.o site (+1: 6, 0: 0, -1: 0)

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3 years ago

Excellent! If you want to have the docs sources in a sub-directory, have a look at the CommOps repo — they have it like that: https://pagure.io/fedora-commops

What's the status of this issue? Can it be closed?

We have one doc, on supporting hibernation. If it's preferred to have it in a docs subdirectory, feel free to make that change.

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