#55 Offered 3rd party repo doesn't work...
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... and they are not under Fedora's control.

current example:

fedora-workstation-repositories currently provides a repo for PyCharm, which doesn't provide any package for F28.
That changes user experience for the worse, especially for inexperienced users that now suddenly enable 3rd party/copr repos by clicking in gnome-software. Fedora Magazine promotes PyCharm for F28 and then it's not available... no good!

See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1579007

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I'd argue the pycharm repository is clearly not being maintained properly and should be removed.

+1 to removing broken unmaintained stuff

+1 to remove unmaintained packages. meeting means what meeting exactly?

My feeling somehow tells me that giving end-users a very easy possibility to enable third-party repos will create a big mess and requires an extra layer of quality control. Is that really necessary?

I would assume users that want to use an IDE like PyCharm are capable to find and enable the corresponding 3rd party repo (if necessary), and installing the packages needed?

Hopefully those 3rd party repos in Fedora won't deteriorate user experience.

My personal opinion: Fedora was so free - you really needed to dig to import non-free stuff. Suddenly, it's offered by default - in my opinion that undermines the development of free software.

"meeting" tag means this will be an agenda topic at the next workstation workgroup's meeting

I have finally built new PyCharm version https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/phracek/PyCharm/build/755396/

But basically, I am maintaining PyCharm repo for more then 3 years. Idea was to provide set of rpms for some folks. Suddenly the PyCharm repo is available as a 3rd party package and it WAS NOT consult it with me.

Please be patient for cases like releasing a new version for new Fedora release. I totally forgot it.

I think the problem is not only users being impatient. The public announcement of PyCharm for F28 probably created certain expectations among users: https://fedoramagazine.org/third-party-repositories-fedora/

Hi phracek, you where consulted about adding PyCharm to Fedora Workstation when we did so in 2015 :), I still have the emails exchanged with you back then. It was just that with the renewed 3rd party stuff in Fedora for F28 it got renewed attention.

It might be a good idea to enable "[ ] Follow Fedora branching" in your copr repo settings, if you haven't already

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