#38 Add Steam 3rd party repository
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Name of application: Steam

Description of Application: Steam is the worlds largest gaming platform and has thousands of games available for Linux.

Type of repository: RPM

URL for repository: https://negativo17.org/steam/

License for application submitted: Proprietary

Is packager application owner or developer? no

If not owner or developer do you have permission to package this either through license terms or directly from owner?
From the Steam for Linux copying file: " (iii) you may repackage the Program and distribute it with another software program, provided that you do not integrate the Program in any way with that other software program, or combine the Program with that other software program in a manner that would require you to distribute the Program under any open source or other license terms different from these terms."

Is there a group of people maintaining this repository? no, Simone Caronni runs negativo on his own

If you are a single person behind repository what are you contingency plan in case you are unavailable or lose interest or have an accident? Like the NVidia repo we are looking at our options, but Simone has dutifully maintained his repositories for years so far.

How do we contact you in case there are problems? negativo17@gmail.com

Steam is already packaged in RPM Fusion. And it's still possible for it to be bundled in the drivers repository.

But steam is not a driver. And the guidance we have is to add repositories for individual 3rd party components, not collective repos that mix lots of different things.

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This issue is obsoleted by #44

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