#348 Replace eog with loupe as the default image viewer
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Loupe is the new GNOME image editor, which is intended to replace Eye of GNOME. It has recently matured to the point where it is almost ready, so we should start preparing to make the switch from eog.

The upstream repo is currently https://gitlab.gnome.org/BrainBlasted/loupe/

not it is not the case loupe is still a 3rd party project and it is not under gnome core apps and not in gnome circles you can see it here

The upstream tracking issues are here and here.

they are looking for inclusion but have not been included so if loupe is included as core app then it should be included in next release

Yesterday loupe was moved to Incubator, which expresses GNOME's intent to make it a core app in the future. This new step was created because Fedora Workstation has not yet accepted gnome-console. It's basically a request for feedback from us as to the adequacy of loupe to replace eog.

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We need something that people can install and use, if we're going to provide feedback.

That would be: https://gitlab.gnome.org/api/v4/projects/13923/jobs/artifacts/main/raw/org.gnome.Loupe.Devel.flatpak?job=flatpak

I've requested a nightly Flatpak: https://gitlab.gnome.org/Incubator/loupe/-/issues/70

Of course, it would be nice to have a Fedora package too....

The best thing might be to have a Copr that tracks the main branch.

Agreed: Workstation WG members should test Loupe now and report any concerns with app quality. Don't wait until next release when we're ready to replace eog with Loupe.

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