#341 Include `ipp-usb` in workstation image?
Closed: Won't fix 3 months ago by catanzaro. Opened 3 months ago by ankursinha.

A user reported on Ask Fedora that their USB printer didn't work on a default workstation install. It turned out they didnt have the ipp-usb package installed, as it wasn't included in the workstation image.

Would it be possible to include this in the default package set?


Yes of course, but we need to decide exactly how. We could add it to the workstation-product group in comps, but probably there is a better way to ensure it gets installed for all desktop users, e.g. by putting a Recommends: in some other package (perhaps CUPS?).

Maybe @zdohnal will have an opinion on the best way to ensure this gets installed, whether we can do it via a weak dep (preferred IMO) or whether we really need to edit comps (also acceptable).


I actually attempted to get ipp-usb into default image by adding a weak dep (as Michael knows :) ) to cups and sane-airscan (because ipp-usb provides IPP interface which can be used by driverless scanning as well), but it created a big ruckus due the fact it silently takes over USB port, blocks it from other access and the already created print queues or other SANE backends will realize it only during printing/scanning action.

I've talked about the issue upstream and permanent takeover of USB will not change to prevent possible problems with USB printers (internal implementations of USB are sometimes flaky and reaching manufacturer's support is tough...), so I have to create a self-contained change with manual how to proceed once ipp-usb arrives.

My current idea for steps are:

  • check whether you have a device claimed by ipp-usb:
$ sudo ipp-usb check
  • try to print/scan via new devices - you'll see them between lpstat -e and scanimage -L listings

  • if the new devices work for your use cases, remove your already installed print/fax queue (f.e. by lpadmin -x) and, if your device has scanner too, comment out your backend in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf - this will remove/hide currently nonfunctional devices

  • if they don't, please write a bugzilla for ipp-usb and I can investigate where the problem is. In case you urgently need to print/scan, you can set a ipp-usb quirk for ipp-usb to ignore the device by f.e.:

[HP OfficeJet Pro 8730]
  blacklist = true

The device name for quirk is taken from ipp-usb check output.

Once the change is reviewed and hopefully accepted, I'll add Recommends: ipp-usb to cups and sane-airscan packages.

So no need to edit comps, the package will be brought in automatically.

OK, so in summary: Zdenek will handle things (thanks!), no need to track this change here, probably OK to close this issue?

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3 months ago

Yes, the issue for comps can be closed.

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3 months ago

(Note this is a fedora-workstation issue, not a comps issue.)

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