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Over on Fedora Discussion, Mairin is looking for feedback on designs for a new Workstation community page.

Personally I'm not sure that it's such a good idea to advertise the Workstation Working Group or the desktop mailing list, and there's also an open question about which chat channel we should direct users to.

It would be good for the working group to discuss this before passing on our feedback. Comments here would be welcome. I'll also put this on the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.

We discussed this at today's Working Group meeting.

The rough consensus there was that it's fine to talk about the working group, and to link to:

  • our chat
  • the desktop mailing list
  • the workstation Discourse tag

But we'd prefer to avoid:

  • Mentioning the WG meeting, or including its details. The meetings are open, but contributors are likely going to be disappointed if they attend. Plus we'd prefer not to have to update the website if the meeting time changes. By all means link to the workstation docs pages; these include the meeting details.
  • Linking to the workstation issue tracker - this only tracks those things that the WG is responsible for, and is therefore not that interesting to general contributors. When people have found it in the past, they've mistaken it for a tracker for general workstation issues.

We have previously discussed how to ensure that there are good places for workstation contributors to get involved. Sadly those conversations didn't produce all that many ideas - the WG itself doesn't do the kind of activities that are easily approachable for new contributors. If someone wanted to contribute to workstation today, my suggestions would be:

  • Help with the Fedora Docs team
  • Participate in Fedora Discussion > Workstation
  • Help Workstation users in Ask Fedora
  • Get involved with the Fedora Design Team
  • Contribute to the GNOME project
  • Write an article about Workstation for Fedora Magazine

Maybe we could come up with other ideas along these lines. It might be good to compile a list of upstream issues that we'd like to see fixed, for example.

We also would like to have IRC references dropped in favor of Matrix.

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