#262 Update the Workstation PRD
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The council have requested that the WG give them an updated PRD. I think the goal is for all the editions to have an updated PRD - Server has just done one, CoreOS has done one, Cloud is working on one.

Ideally we'd have the PRD submitted by the time of DevConf, in January 2022.

The goal for the PRD is to have a high-level description of Workstation - what it aims to achieve, what its role is, who its target audience is. I think ideally it's something we could link to, when other teams need to know what it is that we're about.

Some links:


  • Consider collapsing three developer cases into a single developer use case, with subbullets to emphasize variations among them?
  • Should there be a general purpose use case in the list? I'm thinking of all the non-developer folks who make Fedora happen who are also using Fedora Workstation.
  • Should the goal to be a polished and user friendly system that appeals to a wide general audience be promoted (higher in the target audience body) since it applies to all use cases?
  • Should dual boot be explicitly mentioned? QA has long had an explicit final release criterion for this that includes Windows and macOS but omits any other Linux distro, including working dual/multi-boot for different Fedora versions. Maybe it's too much detail for a PRD?
  • VM's mentioned three times, but we've contemplated removing GNOME Boxes from the default installation. What roll does a Virtual Machine play going forward? Is it a variation on dual/multiboot?
  • Should we mention the high level efforts around system responsiveness (a nod toward resource control, cgroups, full preemption) as a differentiator from desktopized servers?
  • Combine robust ugprades and better upgrades?
  • Rollback control is something Silverblue has achieved; Btrfs makes it cheap and reliable to do transactional updates, but should it be a requirement? Could it help with or obviate other ideas (recovery partitions, rescue boot menu option, system reset)?
  • Delivery mechanism - drop ISO 9660 images? Make our default image persistent when imaged to a USB stick (with optional reset), ready to use for VMs?

I've created https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qqidnMemWgDxJtJpyCaV1NkKRV883G8GHAh4rES9QtI/edit which is basically the old PRD put into a newer template (that was used by Server edition). Feel free to comment and edit the document.

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4 months ago

We've made some progress on the PRD and reworked it a bit - please take a look before Tuesday's meeting - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qqidnMemWgDxJtJpyCaV1NkKRV883G8GHAh4rES9QtI/edit#heading=h.w9b28e7au0kp

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2 months ago

This was discussed at last week's WG meeting on 15 March. Comments can be seen here: https://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-2/2022-03-15/workstation.2022-03-15-18.35.log.html

There are a few more people that we want to get feedback from. Once that's done we'll hopefully be able to approve the new PRD in the next couple of weeks.

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2 months ago

@tpopela have been through the draft PRD and think that it's ready to go forward. The next step is for the working group to review and approve it, before we send it on to Fedora Council.

Once it's approved by the WG, we can move it from the Google Doc to our own docs pages.

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7 days ago

Tagging this for the next meeting. Please review in advance of the meeting. @tpopela is the March 2022 draft link above still the latest version?

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5 days ago

@chrismurphy yes, it is! (and I replace March with May there, thanks for spotting it).

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