#243 unable to build new fedora-toolbox images in Koji for F35+
Closed: Fixed 8 months ago by petersen. Opened 8 months ago by petersen.

I just wanted to give a heads-up/alert to the WG that it is currently not still possible to build fedora-toolbox:35 and fedora-toolbox:36 container images in Koji OSBS AFAIK. There is an infrastructure ticket opened, but it seems not getting so much attention yet. Maybe some containers person(s) could help to push this forward?

Not having a post-branched image available for F35 Beta is a shame for Silverblue, but it will be kind of a showstopper for GA.

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8 months ago

Discussed in today's meeting - this issue is affecting more than toolbox builds and there's been recent discussion about workarounds. We'll wait and see how things pan out.

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8 months ago

I don't think waiting is going to work here.

The problem here is the well-known clone3 syscall issue. Basically there is a new syscall that glibc is using, but which is prohibited by docker and podman seccomp policies. If the syscall is prohibited, glibc would usually fall back to the older clone syscall, but in this case the wrong error code is returned and so glibc does not do its normal fallback. The solution is to run newer versions of docker and/or podman on the systems that are experiencing these problems.

If we really want this fixed, we need to nominate it as a special release blocker to force infrastructure upgrades. There's not really anything that normal developers can do about infrastructure. To the extent that there is a desire to keep certain infrastructure components running RHEL 7, then we either need to rethink that, or else update RHEL 7.

The infrastructure ticket was closed as fixed 3 days ago. I see successful toolbox builds in Koji, but nothing for F35.

Can someone confirm whether it's possible to build F35+ toolbox images, now?

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8 months ago

Both fedora-toolbox:35 and fedora-toolbox:36 images are now in the stable registry since last week.

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8 months ago

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