#242 Automatically uninstalling Anaconda post-install
Opened a year ago by ngompa. Modified 24 days ago

Anaconda is only particularly useful to install Fedora on the system, but because we install a live image to disk, we wind up having Anaconda installed on the system as well, even though it's completely useless afterward. We should come up with a way to remove Anaconda as part of successful installation of Fedora.

(Note: this was split from #84)

So what are the ideas here?

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a year ago

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11 months ago

Neal has volunteered to work on this.

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11 months ago

We checked in on this issue at last Tuesday's meeting. Neal's still planning on working on it.

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7 months ago

Is this something that can happen for Fedora 37, or should it be bumped to future release?

Although this is potentially a little riskier. If something that we don't want to be removed winds up depending on anaconda somehow, we could have trouble. Hopefully unlikely, but you never know....

So remaining tasks are: add to comps, then test a fresh install to ensure that it works?

Service needs to be added to fedora-release preset too.

It seems that removing anaconda also removes other dependencies that we want to keep.

We've therefore agreed to ship fedora-autofirstboot for F37 in order to fix #84, but to disable anaconda removal until F38, so we have time to resolve any fallout and advertise the the change via the change proposal process.

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24 days ago

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