#240 What's new in Fedora 35?
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It's standard practice to produce a "what's new" Fedora magazine article, to coincide with each workstation release. For F34 we were caught out and people had to scramble to produce the post at the last minute. Let's not let that happen again.

The F35 target release date is 19 October: we should aim to have the article ready in advance of this date.

F35 is creeping up on us - it would be good to discuss this, maybe as part of a more general discussion about F35 workstation promotion.

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8 months ago

Some discussion about this at today's WG meeting. We agreed that it would be great to try and get volunteers to help with writing the blog post.

In terms of information on what's going to be in the release, the main inputs are:

It would also be good to have some coordination with whoever does the Fedora Twitter account, to try and get some F35 workstation promotion going there.

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8 months ago

Someone has stepped up to work on this and there's a draft that can be previewed:


Surprisingly difficult to generate a good screenshot of initial setup, but here we go:

Still not very pretty, but I'm not sure what else to do for this one.

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