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The release art for the upgrade from F33 to F34 is missing. Users offered to upgrade to F34 are presented with a solid blue upgrade banner instead of F34-specific release art.

@mcrha has already released GNOME Software updates for both F32 and F33 to fix this, packaging the needed art in the gnome-software package. Discussing how to avoid this in the future, @mcrha requested that the release art be provided via HTTP rather than requiring that it be packaged as part of GNOME Software. This seems a lot better to me. There's no good reason that the art should be shipped as part of the GNOME Software package and require updating GNOME Software, when it could be available on the web instead.

We should figure out if the release art can be hosted somewhere on Fedora infrastructure.

@mcrha also mentions that the banner could be much smaller since most of the current images are not shown.

This would also help for KDE Discover too, once it's figured out how to do OS upgrades through it.

The upstream bug for this is:

It contains the details. For example the f34.png is 13MB in size, which is too much. The banners might be provided in a predictable path with a predictable name, thus it's easy to be downloaded. The in-sources upgrade_bg.png is 860x300 pixels in size, which feels like enough even for hiDPI.

I wonder if we need a checklist for workstation release readiness...

I wonder if we need a checklist for workstation release readiness...

I think that it will be worth it to create something like it. I can volunteer to do it.

Probably a good idea to include updating the GNOME release website on that checklist. I submitted a fix yesterday after realizing it was still pointing to Beta: https://gitlab.gnome.org/Teams/Design/GNOME-Release-40/-/merge_requests/8

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We talked about this at last week's meeting:

ACTION: Kalev handover the upgrade plugin to Milan and they will figure out how to proceed (before August 24 when the beta freeze starts). (cmurf, 16:18:05)

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Reminder: pending action item for @kalev and @mcrha, with deadline approaching in one month

From the upstream bug:

Marking as needs-info until the WG has decided on a well-known URI format for release art

This information had not been provided yet.

There's been some more discussion downstream and I've produced some design options to consider. Summary can be found here.

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We discussed this at yesterday's meeting, and the conclusion seems to be that we want a good default banner, and release-specific artwork that is provided by the Fedora design team and is downloaded from the internet.

Having though this through a little, there are 3 things that are needed for the release-specific artwork part of the plan to work:

  1. Software needs to keep its current downloading functionality, which one of the upstream maintainers has indicated might not happen.
  2. The Fedora design team needs to be happy and willing to provide the GNOME Software-specific artwork each release.
  3. The Workstation WG needs to keeping track of the new arrangements.

I can chase up 1 & 2. For 3 it would be good to have some kind of plan and commitment from the group.

But the other question is whether there is time to put all this in place for GNOME 41 / F35.

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a year ago

Upstream ticket to improve the default layout and presentation of the banner: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-software/-/issues/1357

Downstream ticket for a default Fedora background: https://pagure.io/design/issue/781

For 3 it would be good to have some kind of plan and commitment from the group.

We discussed this in a meeting and @tpopela said that he'd include release art in the release checklist that he's going to work on.

Is there already known the place and the file format for the banner? I'd say the sooner it's known, the sooner it can be added to the .spec file, the better.

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a year ago

We got the new default upgrade banner in for GNOME 41, and we have the release art on the release checklist for F36. I'm assuming that this issue is done, but feel free to reopen if anything is pending.

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11 months ago

It will help to know the new URL for the release banner image, thus it can be added into the sources early.

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