#225 Documentation issues for Workstation contributors
Opened 5 months ago by aday. Modified a month ago

Look around the usual Fedora "how do I contribute?" resources, and workstation is either missing or the information is out of date:

Fixing links and adding the workstation in various places should be a fairly straightforward task.

There is a wider question about the experience of contributors wanting to get involved, and the fact that there seems to be three separate sites (the wiki, the docs site, and whatcanido), none of which seem to be in great shape, is a cause for concern there. Perhaps that's worth a separate conversation.

In the Server WG meeting, we are discussing the fact that Workstation, Server, and Cloud Edition don't appear on the docs page AT ALL. Somewhat noted in the ticket description but this seems like a pretty severe oversight (I can say I have never noticed before). We should file that this be fixed.

I was thinking that we should move our pages to docs.fedoraproject.org, but the more I look at it, the less enthusiastic I feel. That site does not look good, and from what I can tell, it hasn't been touched for several years. At the same time, all the old wiki pages continue to sit around, driving traffic and causing misinformation, and there's no effort to clean them up.

Internal project information feels quite broken in Fedora at the moment. :disappointed:

Still not especially enthusiastic about docs.fedoraproject.org, but having looked at it again, it's probably still worth doing. Rough proposal is therefore to:

  1. Copy any current material from the Workstation wiki pages to a new workstation project under fedora-docs
  2. Redirect from the current main Workstation page to the new Workstation home page on docs.fedoraproject.org
  3. Somehow deal with historical material that's left on the wiki (probably just leave it in place, with a clear label to say that it's obsolete)
  4. Fix the old links in other Fedora project pages to point to the new Workstation WG home page

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