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Discussing #218, one of the themes that came out was the desire to grow more of a community around Workstation. Fedora's Discourse instance is one of the main platforms for community building, and where we don't have much of a presence at the moment.

Some potential steps we could take here:

  1. Establish a top level Workstation category, for users to talk about Workstation
  2. Do user engagement activities on that platform - post updates, solicit feedback, recruit contributors, etc
  3. Create a sub-category for Workstation contributors. This could potentially tie in with other activities that have been discussed in #218, like having a way to sign up to participate in workstation, creating new contributor teams, generating new multidisciplinary activities, etc
  4. Retire the fedora-desktop mailing list, and replace it with a category on Discourse, like Fedora Council and Fedora Magazine have done.

Not all of these need to be done at once, and there may be other things that we want to do around our Discourse presence.

Discourse only allows two levels of categorization — and also, the hierarchy is cumulative, so posts in a sub-category are also seen in the higher-level category. Right now, we have a "Desktop" category with sub-categories from Sliverblue, Kinoite, Gaming, Apps, and Audio Production. Adding "Workstation" seems like an obvious thing there.

It's possible to use tags for further categorization, and it's possible to make posts in a (sub-)category require one of a given set of tags, so that could be used. But I'm not sure that gives the desired result.

Another possibility would be to have a Workstation WG sub-category under the top-level Project Conversations (next to Magazine and Council). That makes the user/contributor distinction a bit more clear. However, I think it might be best to just start with one general Workstation category under Desktop and see how that goes.

Thanks for the information, @mattdm .

There are possibly three separate discussions here:

  1. Where to host working group discussions?
  2. How to grow a sense of the workstation user community on discourse?
  3. How to grow the workstation contributor base on discourse?

Regarding 1, when the working group last discussed this, I got the impression that the group wasn't all that keen to switch from fedora-desktop to Discourse. I can somewhat understand that - there is an argument for having separate communication channels for the WG on the one hand and users on the other. Perhaps that needs more discussion, though - it might be worth separating out the question of "a separate channel for the WG" from "mailing list or Discourse?"

For 2, I think that it's important to have a place where workstation users can discuss workstation - at the moment the "desktop" category feels somewhat ambiguous in that regard. I also feel that having that as a sub-category of "desktop" dilutes the message regarding the status of that user community and the role of workstation as our primary desktop offering.

With regards to 3, I don't think we're ready yet to have a dedicated space for workstation contributors. It's something to consider for the future, but in my opinion we need to get our workstation contribution story in better shape first.

What's the dividing line between a Workstation question and a general Fedora desktop question? Do we have the second option at all?

I think users will reliably tag posts as "Silverblue" "KDE" "XFCE" if they are starting topics that obviously relate to a particular non-Workstation variant of desktop Fedora.

But I (without data) don't think that Workstation users strongly think about themselves as using "Fedora Workstation" - many of them probably couldn't even explain that Workstation == "headline edition of Fedora based on GNOME".

So if we want users to tag Workstation topics as Workstation, we need to strongly lead them down that path - like having topics arranged as:

Other Desktops

And accepting that in pursuit of unambigious Workstation branding, that users that KDE users won't be very sure where to post their questions about playing games.

Apologies for dropping off this conversation.

I agree with @otaylor that people would likely be uncertain how to use a workstation subcategory under desktop.

Part of the issue at the moment is that there are alternative desktops as subcategories, under the top level desktop category. This results in all the other desktop discussions being mixed in with workstation, and there not being a place where you can go just to see workstation discussions.

I'm not super familiar with Discourse, but I'm guessing that the only way to resolve the issue is to have a dedicated top level category for workstation (essentially, changing the name and description of the existing desktop category). Then we'd need to move Kinoite somewhere else.

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