#220 Workstation web presence goals
Opened 3 months ago by aday. Modified 3 months ago

Historically, the Workstation WG has left other Fedora teams to deal with our online presence, and we don't want to tread on the toes of other groups. At the same time, I do think that we are in a good position to review the overall workstation web presence, supplement the activities of other teams, and provide direction.

Our web presence spans many sites, including social media, Discourse, Fedora Magazine and so on. For this ticket, I want to focus on the more static sites. Currently this includes the main workstation web page , the docs site and "Fedora Developer". (Are there any other current sites to consider?)

Some general goals for all of this:

  • Look good
  • Be relevant to a broad audience
  • Don't be out of date, stale, or incomplete
  • Focus on our core technologies and value propositions

And, more interestingly, some specific goals we could consider:

  • An attractive home page for Workstation:
    • Highly polished content
    • Good set of selling points which address general needs/requirements for a desktop
    • The top result when searching for "Fedora Workstation" or "Fedora desktop"
    • Prominent download link - be part of the funnel
  • An attractive developer landing page
    • A place we can link and point to when we talk about Fedora Workstation for developers
    • Clearly articulated selling points, that are relevant for a broad developer audience
    • Easy to digest - high-level information only
    • A top result when searching for "fedora developer"
    • Prominent download link - be part of the funnel
  • A portal to more detailed technical information
    • Aimed at developers and technical users
    • Can be linked from the developer page, as a way to find out more information
    • Doesn't host content itself
    • A top result when searching for "fedora docs"
    • A way to promote key and recommended technologies

Each of the above could have dynamic content that is generated from other places (say, links to release announcements, or posts on Fedora Magazine).

How does this sound? Am I missing anything important?

We should also include pointers to computers preloaded with Fedora Workstation so that people who want to buy or recommend computers with it can easily do so.

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